ultimate performance anti stall torque converter for M113K

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ricky s

MB Enthusiast
Feb 26, 2008
Hi, having sold my E55 a while back, I have this Ultimate Performance anti stall torque converter on my shelf and in the way, been there for the past few years.
It was originally fitted new onto a E55K by the then Eurocharged UK at Luton, (they are since demised), and a well known guy here brought that car and carried out some additional modifications, including a manuel transmission, but removed this torque converter, which I subsequently brought from him for potentially fitting to my E55K, never got round to fitting it, and my car is at a new home now. This converter has done 10,000 miles.
I do not want to get involved with posting, this thing is heavy, albeit lighter than the standard OEM unit, so anyone interested needs to either collect from BN20 9NJ, or arranged own carrier to collect. Thinking £100 as it's in the way and 25% of what I paid for it, but appreciate there's not that many M113K owners modding their cars these days, so interest may well be thin.

The bin men come a week on Tuesday if theres no interest by then, I will bin it, to get it out of the way.
This torque converter is no longer available, it's now in the dust bin, so as to free a a bit of shelf space.

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