UMI for Audio 20

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Aug 28, 2012
Mainland Europe
Hi everyone, :)

I was hoping to get some opinions and also feedback for people who have installed the UMI to the Audio 20 unit in the C Class W204 model.

I am planning to do this and wanted to know if you have it installed already what you think in terms of the graphics vs tom tom/ functionality ease of use. :confused:

Satnav/ instrument cluster display? Does it work well
Ipod integration?
USB integration?


For who have it installed are you able to switch the satnav on, listen to music from you ipod and have your bluetooth iphone paired whilst on a long cruise with everything working at the same time???

Or can you only use one at a time i.e. SATNAV but no music

Information, feedback appreciated as seriously considering getting this installed and also advise on roughly how much I should be paying for supply & install with a guarantee.

Any recommended suppliers from mbowners who are still satisfied and enjoying their UMI Multimedia solution?

Thanks & regards
Cannot compare it with a TomTom but it should be pretty easy to use as any (MB) in car navigation device.

You will need to version code the cluster to get the navigation display there. Of course it works well.

I have only shortly tested iPod and USB but did not find any issues.

No problem to play music during navigation. Have not used an iPhone but it should be the same as other phones, hands free operation interrupts music as it should and navigation guidance comes on top.

Have you not considered to install it yourself?
It was already installed when I got the car, but works quite well, the interface strikes me as a bit old fashioned, but then I've only ever had one other non-descript Satnav, but it does work well. I use a USB stick to store all my music, which is arranged in folders according to genre, makes choosing a little easier. All this works with a Nokia paired with bluetooth, and displays in the console, the SatNav and phone interrupting the music as required.
UMI / Navigation 20

I thought I would give an update to my installation of the
UMI/Navigation 20.

I had it fitted through Sytner Mercedes and they were able to do a successful installation except could not quite get the navi on the instrument cluster coding done by the end of the day. :dk:

Anyways they asked me to come back but I was leaving for mainland europe in the next two days so could not come back to get it sorted.

I am very pleased with the system; the GPS european maps were perfect as I was driving through France and listening to my now vast selection of sounds through my 8GB usb stick and ipod.

Luckily it got me to my destination in Europe and I did not get lost so I highly recommend it if you are looking for an expensive TOM TOM + multimedia solution without the fuss of all the extra devices and a clean user interface.

Now the only thing left to do is find a local Merc dealer in Germany to complete the instrument coding for completeness sake! :)
Make sure that Sytner did the datacard update (in this case, adding option 56o (letter o not number 0) to the data card), that way its easy for the German merc dealer who just has to SCN code the instrument cluster.


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