Uneven Idle 112 engine

Discussion in 'Engine' started by LawrenceMB, Jul 24, 2012.

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    Apr 23, 2012
    now in Auckland, NZ
    Work wagon: 1998 S210 E320 . Holidays: 2000 S210 E55. Sunny days! 2000 CLK430
    Hi, my W210 e320 (m112) has an uneven idle which is more noticable in neutral than in 'D' with your foot on the brake but still noticable in the latter. It's sometimes not present if the engine is hot & been for a decent run but more often than not the fault is there.
    I went to change the spark plugs the other day (it's got 90k on the clock) but they've evidentally already been done, and with the bosch 3-earth-electrode plugs listed for it I was going to fit myself, but it made me wonder if the previous person just fitted them with the pre-set gap of 1.0mm or closed them up to the 0.8mm specifyed for these engines? Or doesn't it matter with these modern 3 electrode plugs? Would that be enough to cause uneven idle anyway?
    Or is it likely to be something like HT leads or coils?
    Any help much appreciated :)
    Thanks, Lawrence

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