Unlucky at 17.00

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Dave Richardson

MB Enthusiast
Oct 14, 2007
Plymstock Plymouth
W176 A class 180 cdi
There I was on my home from work just popped into the local supermarket and when I came out it was a non starter, cried & then telephoned "Green Flag" who reached me less than 30 mins.
Quick check found diesel to the injectors but still won't go.
1st Green Flag mechanic couldn't use a spec lift to get me home (all of 1/4 mile) so he telephoned for a bigger truck, it actually took longer to load the car then it did to travel the short distance to my home. Now to get the car plugged into a diagnostic machine & telephone the bank LOL

Am I glad the insurance included recovery

Grateful thanks to Pat & Dave at Plymouth Car Recoveries, great guys!!!!!

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Sorry to hear of your troubles.

Out of interest, do you still have Mobilo cover? They've got proper MB techs who should be able to diagnose your fault for you :)

Probably the crank sensor. Is it still duff.?

Get the codes read and go from there.
Cheers for your comments guys, regretfully no to the Mobilo cover.
fortunately a friend has a diagnostic machine & is coming over on Monday to plug it in & get the readings. Whatever the outcome it is bound to be expensive
I'm confused!!!!!

It's not difficult to confuse me I know however, after getting the car the car returned to my home it sat outside all weekend with a flat battery (following my attempts to start it). I popped into see a friend at my employers garage workshop who immediately asked if I dropped my keys at any time, UGh where's this leading ??

I connected up some of those thin horrid jump leads for about 10 minutes & tried to star the car using my wifes keys, yes you've got it it started first time. It seems that my key failed to activate the immobiliser and the car thought I was stealing it so it refused to go.

I got the codes tested on a machine at lunch time today yes employers workshop and NO Faults showed up with the car. Strangely my key now works fine again any thoughts ???

One benefit of working for a local council who has a good guy working in the fleet garage.

dave:D :D :D
Crank Sensor will not throw up a code.

What you need is someone with a Star Machine... you can then see a complete error log and if crank sensor is not reading at any time, it will be stored there.
If the key releases the steering lock and turns in the ignition it has deactivated the immobiliser.
Awww - a sorry sight there.

Hope you dont have to spend too much fixing it. I'd take it to a trusted indie if i were you.
I have used them before. Great company. Much better than the competitors

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