Unstable electrics

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May 26, 2014
mercedes c class 220
From time to time the instrument panel indicates esp and abs the telephone wireless turns off and back on, the climate control switches off and on the instrument panel states auto lights non operational. The head lights turn off and back on again. All this happens within a split second. The car does not appear to lose engine power. Maybe because it is momentary loss of electrical power. The problem is escalating, becoming more often during journeys. This can also happen when the engine is running and the car is stationary. The can wiring connectors have been checked at OS footwell and have tested ok. There are no signs of oil ingress in gearbox wiring loom and the front/rear sams are clear of moisture . The car has undergone specialist diagnostics and guess what, I have been advised rechecking when the fault is present. Ha problem, it only last for a split second. I would appreciate any ideas. Thnx in anticipation
Sounds like a spike in the CAN network. CAN sits at 60ohms with 120ohm resistor at each end. Check the resistance on the can line with a multimeter.
I was unable to book the car in to day to have suggested check done. However, on the way home the same thing happened but the car this time came to a dead stop. No power steering engine failure . I turned the ignition off and on again and away it went. Does this signify that there may be something else happening.
have you checked battery connections , voltage
I had the battery checked its holding a full charge and does not appear to have faulty connections. As I say the problem has been going on for months Ive taken the car into merc dealers and had it looked over by several people but to no avail. The car is to dangerous to drive now, I love the car and am willing to pay top dollar to have the car sorted out. So if there is anyone out there up for the challenge I am willing to have the car delivered to you. Or perhaps you might now someone who can sort it. Thnx
There has to be either a loose connection somewhere or a module is failing. has it been on star to check for faults? the reason i suspect the CAN network is that various things are being activated randomly, the only other thing is either a SAM unit pointing **** skywards, EIS or a crappy shared earth point. What year is the car, and does it have anything aftermarket, phonekit etc?

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