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Apr 30, 2003
2014 BMW 530D Msport, Renault Grand scenic
I called it at the dealers this morning as per my appointment at 8 am, as usual I was kept waiting for about an hour then given my keys and told "problem solved" so once again foolishly I drove off only noticing that the same problem still persisted and in anger I turned around and drove straight back only to be told this time the mechanic would like to go for a drive with me to which i agreed showing him the nature of my dilemma he agreed that this is a genuine fault with all w209`s (clk) but had offered to try a upgraded cd i.e. different version but i have to come back tomorro as the cd was out of stock and due in later on that day,I probed him with regards to what he had done earlier to my unit he briefly mention about flashed an upgrade which would add more streets but not cure the accuracy which happens to be the original problem. the service manager was then briefed after the tour who admittantly said he will not upgrade to the new cd as it was a cost option to which i disagreed,the story continues into tomorro and i keep you posted, however any views or help from anyone as to what cause of action to take will be appreciated, i do apologies for the long winded statement but i had to tell someone, please help!!!
Hello Mebs.

I feel for you and your frustration but I cannot offer any explanation nor suggest a fix for your dillema.

One thing that I can do though, which may help to rule in or out the nav disc uncertainty, is to loan you my, (latest), copy of the 6.0, (or 6.1?), comand disc.

If, as you have been advised, this item of kit is the most likely culprit then, please feel free to PM me and I will post it to you for you to experiment with.

The postion lag exhibited by some comand units seems to be a "known" problem - it has certainly come up on these forums before.

I suffer from it intermittantly. Indeed, right now, my car is winging its way to the dealers to have this plus several other Comand faults looked at, because I am not happy with it, either, though it is the least of my Comand-related issues.

The dealer thinks it may be an aerial problem or even the unit itself.

I shall report back when I get the car back at the end of the week.


PS: Flash upgrades would not add new street data. That's rubbish you are being told. The street data is kept on the DVD / CD. Flash upgrades will fix operational bugs. Such as a lagging position indication!
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