Updating Comand HFP B.Tooth contacts


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Mar 9, 2007
West Cornwall - U.K
At the end of 2009 I bought the above mentioned item to replace Viseeo things that I never did get working (after 3 replacements).

I do have two niggles with this item though:

1/ I run Motorola K1 & L6 phones through the system. Although I have added a couple of contacts to my phones, neither of them have uploaded to the system. There are only about 15 contacts in each phone, so it shouldn’t be difficult !

When I installed the HFP, I don’t recall uploading contacts, so I’m assuming that it was done automatically (please correct me if I’m wrong). On other brands, I had to install the units, then upload the contact list.

Should my additional contacts upload automatically or do I have to do it manually ?

2/ I don’t get notification when I receive a Text message. I know that I wouldn’t want to read, or reply to, a text, but it would be nice to know that I’d at least received them, so that I could take appropriate action. If I am out in the car all day, I don’t see any txt’s until I get home & disconnect from Bluetooth. This can be a bit late sometimes.

3/ Either way, should I be looking at updating the software on this unit - & how ?

Cheers all

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