Upgrading audio in a 2017 c class w205

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Jul 6, 2013
2017 w205 220d estate AMG line
Hi guys. Wondering about improving the audio in the said car without having to spend thousands (or even one K if poss). The factory fitted audio in my new car is ok, not the worst but not great by any stretch. My outgoing w204 estate (2013) had the Harmon Kardon upgrade with sub and surround sound. Sounds blood good to my ears, punchy and remarkably detailed for an in car system, without sounding overly bassy. I know that the new Burmeister system is supposed to sound pretty sweet but would upwards of 2 grand to install and that's way beyond what I'm willing to spend. I'm almost tempted to lift the sub from my old car before I sell it but this could really hit the resell value.
Can anyone recommend any good speaker or amp upgrades and some good audio specialists who for fitting? I'm based in the Oxford area. My tastes in music are pretty broad but I mostly like Indie, alt rock, folk and some jazz as well the odd bit of classical - definitely not metal or gangsta rap

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