Upgrading Music system on W211


May 2, 2017
Mercedes Benz E240 W211
Morning Gents

As per the title I have a 2003 W211 and i was looking at the best way to upgrade the music input system, not the speakers (at this stage).

So the car has the telephone system within the armrest, and I have come to understand that you can buy a replacement part that fits in there that isn’t a phone but has Bluetooth connectivity.

Strangely I recall seeing them on the likes of eBay etc, but I’m struggling to see any now, all I can see for about £35-40 is an internal Bluetooth module of sorts, so I am now a little unsure, I simply want to be able to connect my phone to the car to play Spotify etc through the phone.

I have historically been discouraged to get those very cheap things that fit into he cigarette lighter and connect via bluetooth, the sound quality is pretty dire!

If any one has any good idea’s I’d like to hear them


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