Upgrading to DAB

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Sep 9, 2015
Currently have an Alpine unit with CD Changer in R129 and a similar Clarion set up in the W201 (although do have the original Becker Mexico). Wondered whether its worth:
1/ Upgrading to DAB?
2/ Any issues with aerials
3/ Any recommendations on units? need something that fits in with old school image, considering Blaupunkt as they look right but they don't get great reviews.
4/ What about display colours, need to match the car!

Any recommendations greatly appreciated, W201 is more pressing as that will do greater mileage and potentially across Europe.
My new Lexus has DAB, and TBH, while it's nice to get stations out of area, as it were, such as Magic, the sound quality is noticeably worse than FM, when I can get a DAB signal, that is. The bass response, particularly, is much less.

On the other hand, Radio 5, again when there is a signal, is better on DAB than AM.

Contact the guys at Comand for DAB options.

I road tested a prototype add-on unit for them for ~1yr. Excellent sound quality, easily the equal of CD with a much greater dynamic range than FM. Signal strength very good but did take a while to hit on the best antenna set-up for the car.

Properly sorted DAB is very good
There are devices circa £30 which have DAB tuners built in, run through your aux input

My missus has one i'll see if she can find the model of what it is
I bought a snooper dab add on unit, problem I've had is there is too much interference in the car when the ignition is turned on, even tried a mag mount dab antenna but that's the same, it's currently sat in its box somewhere in the garage :fail
Really miss the factory dab I had in my scirocco, never once missed a beat!
i fitted an Alpine EZ Dab unit in mine, best thing i did! sound quality is awesome compared to normal radio and much much better reception than normal radio.

i guess it depends on tall building etc around you but i havent had a problem driving around london or essex.

Soon after I bought my 211 E320 cdi, which has Comand, I bought a Pure Highway 300di which is just a rebadged version of the Alpine unit, and my controller sits similarly in the ex ashtray hole. The unit plays through the Aux socket of the Comand system which means the functionality of the Comand Audio is not altered, still have FM, AM etc. With the 300di you get DAB Radio, Ipod connectivety and also a USB input for other devices. My 300di just sits on Planet Rock so the latter functions are wasted on me. I also like the function that allows you to see what song is being played.
I think my only complaint can be with the stick on windscreen aerial, which is cheap and tacky. Strangely, now it is half hanging off the screen because the double sided tape has become unstuck, it now seems to work better!?
In the old E300TD I had a Blaupunkt Woodstock unit, a really great radio that also looks good, with a quality windscreen stick on aerial. This setup worked very well, so if you have no Comand then this is an excellent way to go. Steve.
I use the Radioplayer App via Bluetooth from my phone - streams internet radio (minimal data download) Reception is dependent on a good mobile signal (but given my experience of DAB reception - no difference) and you have all the stations and more that you can receive with DAB

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