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Aug 29, 2003
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Having just bought a really nice E-class estate, I have discovered a cigarette burn on the ceiling that I am certain was not there when I checked the car over prior to purchase. I contacted the dealer, who said he had not noticed any burn on the car himself, otherwise he would have got it fixed. He said to find an upholstery/trim fixer nearby, and he will pay for the repair, which seems pretty fair to me.

Does anyone know of anyone in the Bristol/South West area that does this sort of work? Main dealer at Cribbs did not want to touch it (plus everyone says to avoid them anyway).
Thanks for the link. Not a lot coming up around Bristol, but have found these people:

Just up the road, so will pay them a visit later today.
My appologies, there are indeed six listed. Not having lived here for long, and being in the South Gloucestershire part of Bristol, I looked under Gloucestershire and not Avon.:eek:
Thanks Roger.

I had the car done this morning at Krych, and I am pleased with the result. Fairly friendly couple of blokes, and pretty laid back. They were also £35 cheaper than the quote I got from Smart Solutions. Based on this admittedly limited experience, I would certainly use them again.
Maybe spoke a bit too soon. The main repair still looks good, but some of the minor marks are starting to show again already. I know SMART repairs are generally not long-lasting, but I was hoping for a bit more than three weeks. Will have to take it back to them.

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