Uploading pics to ebay? error message?

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Mar 15, 2007

Following on from our Challenge car post the Celica is now for sale :) :bannana: :)

However I have just tried to do three adverts on flea bay and it crashed saying some error with picture upload?

Never had a problem before? anyone else tried adding pics and having probs at the moment?
I think e-bay may have a problem.
I experienced this for the first ime last night, and daughter No1 called me tonight with the same problem.

Finally got them uploaded by doin one, then the rest, but it took half an hour.
Sorry don't agree...

They are nice to look at, but cannot get my head round them to use...

I buy shed loads as part of my day job but still prefer using a PC :)

May 'have' to use it to place adds though...

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