Uploading pictures and slow forum?

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Oct 15, 2008
wme451 a124 r129 s211 r230
Hi Guys, I have a couple of issues, possibly both at my end.

Firstly, is anyone else finding the forum slow? It can take more than a minute to get into some threads.

Secondly, I have recently found that if I want to upload images directly to a website where it's possible (such as Photobucket), it does not see the full contents of My Pictures library when opening it via the browse facility to select files.

Any ideas please?
Hi Mike,
Slowness sounds like a problem at your end, I have no bother opening any threads, seems quick enough - you have slow pages on any other sites?
Browse window not seeing all your files is very odd, the photo disease is spreading it seems!
I know, Dave, it's weird! I'm wondering if Norton AV is doing its own thing.
Well, apologies seem to be due to Norton. Both the problems I've been suffering with are due to a recent update to IE 10, as they are not happening in Google Chrome.

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