Uprated clutch - 319 4x4

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Jan 19, 2023
Sprinter 319
I have had to get my 319 (2020) remapped as it is now a heavy motorhome and I intend to tow my race car with it. The factory power was simply not up to the job and it didn't tow very well, always up and down the box just to keep any decent speed up on the motorways. The mapping had made a world of difference but now the clutch is slipping when I try to give it some throttle. It has only done 9000 miles from new. My 12 year old Sprinter 319 had also been remapped when it was new and is on its original clutch at 199k miles, so I have to assume MB have reduced the torque capacity of their clutches since then?

I see Sachs make an uprated cover and they say it will take 15% more torque. I'm not convinced this will be enough, especially with the trailer in tow.

Can anyone point me in the direction of anyone who makes, or can make me a stronger clutch? Google isn't showing up anything other than the Sachs unit

Thank you in advance
I used the Sachs uprated clutch in our track car. They do work well.

You may have to consider getting one made. They will certainly be a few quid...

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