Urgent W221 S320 CDI Engine Died - HELP PLEASE!!

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Aug 3, 2013
Dear all

I have a W221 S320 CDI (V6), 2008 model, 56000 miles. Purchased secondhand from Mercedes dealer 2 yrs ago and FMBSH.

Yesterday, I was driving on the motorway at a gentle 70mph, accelerated gently to move lane, experienced a small judder (I didn't hear sounds but had the music on) and the car then started to loose power, engine management light came on. I moved on the hard shoulder and as I came to a stop then engine cut out and would not start again.

Car was recovered and have taken it an independent Mercedes specialist (via a recovery truck). Breakdown service thought it was the fuel pump problem. Merc specialist has taken a quick look and thinks it is more serious than fuel pump problem and thinks crank not turning probably due to a timing chain failure-he is fairly certain the timing chain has come off.

The mechanic says serious engine problem, need to open up the engine to have a look internally, says possibly needs new engine or at the very least an engine rebuild. Mechanic quoting £300 to open engine up and look at cylinders, valves etc. Is this reasonable?

I am a very gentle driver and service the car meticulously and I cannot believe I would develop a serious engine problem at 56,000 miles.

Any ideas what this could be and what the best way to proceed would be

Is this a possible/common issue with the 320 CDI engine (V6)

I would be extremely grateful for any help or advice you can offer

Many thanks
Have you tried a search? I'm sure that there was someone else with a 221 with something similar quite recently. I hope you get it sorted.
Sounds to me like you should have the codes read via STAR in the first instance before you start to pay to have anything done.

Whats your location?
Plugged into Star, mechanic says low fuel pressure fault and another fault implying camshaft not moving which implies to him timing chain has gone

I haven't taken to dealer as even if I a significant goodwill contribution from MBUK, the cost is still likely to eye watering. Do you think MBUK would do a 100% goodwill contribution considering age and mileage?

What options do I have in this sort of case? What is the most cost effective option here? People have mentioned engine rebuild to me vs second hand engine vs reconditioned engine. Any suggestions please most gratefully received
Firstly, the recovery of your car 'should' have been covered by Mobilo.

Secondly, with where you bought it from and the service history, I'd be taking it to a main dealer and kicking up a fuss, the chain coming off at 50 odd thousand miles is not good at all.
As SPX said I'd get Mobilo to take it to the main dealers before you Indy touches it. It may well be a goodwill claim but that'll go out the window if someone else has fiddled around with it first
MB are very bullish about the longevity of timing chains (or at lest they were).
When I asked the question about having the chain checked or replaced on my 210 320CDI (OM613) at a mileage of around 135k, the reply I got was
"Come back at 400,000 miles if you really want to."

I have an OM642 V6 diesel in my Vito and once read that a replacement engine would cost £9.5k plus VAT, so, as already mentioned, it's time to kick up a fuss.
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Was there any warning or error messages just before the engine stopped?

I'd definitely take it back to the main dealer and kick up a fuss. That shouldn't be happening on a perfectly serviced car that isn't being ragged!

Sounds like an engine overhaul and rebuild is needed maybe?

Have a look at this post on the benzworld forum. Is this similar?:
W221 S320 Cdi Engine Problems. - Benzworld.org - Mercedes-Benz Discussion Forum
As per the above, Mobilo and main dealer... You'll even get a courtesy car whilst they have it (all FOC).
This thread could do with an update from the OP if he's around.... Only so many times we can all say 'call Mobilo and get it to a main dealer'!
Did he do a compression test on star?
Was the car remapped?

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