USB Media on new E220d W213 Driving me mad!


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Jun 2, 2014
not sure if anyone can help but here goes.
Put a selection of albums on a USB stick, all tagged correctly (as I thought) with album art etc, connected to USB1 in the car and noticed I had some errors on the MP3 tags that I needed to correct. Made some changes and plugged the USB back in and it appears to have cached the data in the car because the incorrect files I changed were still showing.
Tried the Dongle in USB2 same problem so as a test I just put just one album on the stick and still all the other albums were there showing in the media player.
This seems to have popped up with other car makes and systems, does anyone know how to reset, wipe, re-index or clear the cache of the cars media player? Or am I doing something else completely wrong.

Thank you

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