USB triple socket fitted in glove box, along with a USB for music/updates from Droid HU

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Jun 28, 2023
As said in title, spent a happy couple of hours with a stepper drill bit making a large enough hole to fit the triple USB, and dragged out a USB feed to the HU, CLK-350, charging iPhone on MagSafe charger, and the other half’s on a lightning cable, listening to bangin’ choons from the USB, or Apple CarPlay. Happy 🐰, and the hole is where the CD changer use to get it’s power from, I don’t own any DVD’s CD’S or cassettes. Why take up valuable real estate in you car or house?
Why not just bluetooth your iPhone so that you can get all your Spotify, podcasts, and realtime traffic feeds (Waze / Apple etc) ?

Most journeys it won't need a power feed, although it's maybe useful just to top up, for the sake of it.

Eyeline display of graphics? Not needed for the vast majority of journeys.

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