Using Heat to repair spoiler damage ?

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Jan 6, 2007
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Heres the Damage few mph on a low kerb in car park underside its deformed in and this has pushed the front face out what I'm wondering is whether I can use a heat gun and some wooden blocks to get it back to near its original shape Its my sons BMW 335i.
Any Tips ??? current thinking is nothing lost in trying could a specialist do anything ?
i saw a video on youtube with a guy pouring hot water on his dented front bumper then from the inside of the engine bay just carefully pushed out the bump with his fist.

that was an interesting video to watch.

maybe you might be lucky fixing your dent?
A heat gun used sparingly and from some distance may do the trick. I would take the bumper off first and heat from the inside.

I tried this on my 124 rear bumper and had it almost to perfection..... Then, I thought I would just do that one last bit. The bit that actually didn't really need doing. DISASTER. I had to buy a new bumper. Just that extra second of heat and the plastic changed it's surface finish and in cooling shrunk the dent back to worse than when I started.
Great Tip that the Hot Water , kettles on the boil now just about to try it :D
Looks like he has cracked the paint, so will need spraying :(. Interested to see if the hot water trick works though!!
Result :D Poured kettle on it (after taking off shirt socks etc:D ) and heres the result there is a small bulge left but given where it is ie about 4 inches off the deck a blow over and fade in down there and it should be acceptable . Had to glue some metal strips on where the plastic attachment for the arch liner had torn and its knackered the headlight washer unit on that side but a result cheaper than new Bumper spoiler which is what he thought he was looking at
I'm not sure but It may fail the mot if the headlight washer is broken.
Plan is to fit a new washer which unfortunately means removing it all again :(
I'm glad my hot water tip worked out for you. :thumb:
Be following this thread with interest as I have been living with a creases offside rear panel for some time. Managed to jackknife a trailer into it and have been working up to a visit to the paint shop. MB would not make any attempt at repair and just wanted to replace the panel. Will definitely have a go myself didn't know hot water could be so effective.

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