Using OpenStreetMaps for Garmin Map Pilot?

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Sep 17, 2019
C-Class W205
I've been using OSM as my map data on my Garmin Cycling GPS for years and wondered if anyone else had ever tried to use OSM on their Garmin Map Pilot?

I've got a 2015 W205 C-Class and only just started looking at updating the maps etc from what was issued with the car, and this got me to v12 of the base software and the new layout but left me with v5.0 of the maps still.

I know that I can head off the eBay and try one of the £30 option in there to get a current all v12 release but I wondered if I could cheat and repeat what I do on my cycle computer each year to get updated maps. However, looking at the SD-Card file structure, it doesn't align to what would be a default Garmin SD Card.

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