Prestige Car Diagnostics Usual Excellent Service - Thanks Jack and Olly

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May 7, 2007
Lexus RX450h F-Sport with Takumi Pack 2020
Drove down to PCS, Horndean to have the engine mounts replaced.

Wow! What a difference that's made :) Hadn't really noticed the deterioration until just recently when I was getting a vibration when idling. The old mounts had collapsed and the nearside one started leaking badly.

Also had the gearbox adaptions reset and carefully retaught on the way home, following Olly's strict instructions. Now there's a difference I totally didn't expect! Down changes have smoothed out, no more lurch going from 3-2. Up shifts are also smoother and much quicker. :thumb:

Oh! Apologies to the driver of the dirty white Jaguar F-type on the A34, I'm sure your ego will recover :D

Thanks again guys from a very happy AMG driver! :bannana:

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