v reg 1999 c200 estate abs speed sensor locations needed


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Jan 18, 2015
Hi everyone

I had a diagnostic done recently and the garage said 2 abs speed sensors need replacing at at cost of £80 each

I found a YouTube link that showed me how to replace the front ones on a clk 320 so I took the wheels off and cleaned the sensors, they are both worn and partially corroded so cleaning them just with some tissue may not have done anything

I'd like to know if my car has rear sensors and if so where would they be as I couldn't see any when removing the back left wheel?

The local parts dealer called SC Motor Factors said there are front and rear sensors and they are £80 front and £70 rear although on eBay I can get pattern part ones for £25 / £20

carat 3.6

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May 11, 2011
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If you cant find them on the back wheel hubs, it will have only one abs sensor in the diff housing.

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