V280 Gearbox issues

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Mar 29, 2005
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I've been reading through some of the old threads and can't seem to find anything that relates to the problems i'm encountering.. hence i hope this post hasn't been answered before!

Have been driving the V280 uptil last weekend and everything is fine. On Saturdayi started to get a cranky kind of noise and feel from the steering wheel. Checked the engine and it looks like Power Steering fluid had been leaking, and so i topped it up. A short drive later and again starts to make some noise.. so i bought the car back home and thought its best left where it is till Monday morning.

Call George Fraser on Monday and get the car to him. He does a service (which was due) and replaces a hose to the Steering fluid. I get the car back and everything is hunky dorry, till Wednesday afternoon. I had been driving the car all day, and park it in the drive way. Half an hour later i come back to the car to drive into London. Only get half a mile away and realise the car isn't pulling anything above 3rd gear. Basically its as if only gears 1 and 2 are working, and the engine revs high in 3rd or 4th. At times it does slip into 3rd or 4th, but thats rarely.

Yesterday spent most of the day at George Fraser again, and he sent his mechanic out to drive the car (i wasn't too impressed with the way he just played down the car). After some research George has come back with a bill of £1800+vat :crazy:

This morning i took the car out again, trying ti identify more symptoms and here is what i have concluded:

In P R or N if i press the pedal.. i can feel a kind of vibration.. even in teh steering wheel. Wasn't there before this problem!

I managed to drive from Harrow to Marble Arch this morning without any problems. I didn't floor the car and the gear change was smooth, almost like before.. but not as quite as smooth.

Most of the time i'me driving the car in 1 or 2, simply to get around. As you can expect, i'm only able to get to 35 mph but that isn't an issue since its short journeys in the immmediate locality.

Can anyone help.. and tell me i don't need to spend this money on the gearbox?
Any help please? I really need to make my mind up on this issue today.. can't have this off the road for too long :(
Maybe, entirely coincidentally, the MAF sensor has chosen this moment to fail. Have a search on MAF sensor and see if you (or someone else) think it might be worth checking!
took the car to a 2nd 'specialist' this morning, only to be told it is the gearbox at fault. Surprising how differing prices can be.. been quoted £1100 for a rebuild. Beats the £1800 that George quoted me! going to 3rd specialist this afternoon to make a final decision what to do with the beast!
DrNick said:
Maybe, entirely coincidentally, the MAF sensor has chosen this moment to fail. Have a search on MAF sensor and see if you (or someone else) think it might be worth checking!

Thank Dr Nick!,
I've had a read up of the discussion about MAF sensors. Looking at my situation and the grinding kinda feelin i get when the car is in P R or N, my incling is telling me that the gears are at fault here.

Hopefully the specialists can tell me better.

Just one question.. some of the threads talked about a MAF sensor, and a few others talked of a MASS sensor. Are these two different things or just a confusion about the correct terminology?

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