Vacum problem

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Oct 1, 2007
Estonia, Kuressaare
MB 200E
Hello! l'm not good at english but l think somebody can understand my problem.

l have 2.0L engine in my w124. 87 year.

Can anybody tell me, where this vacum go?

l show some picture to for this vacum:



And the second vacum:

Henry. :bannana:
Your first picture shows the vacuum take of point on the inlet manifold. That pipe provides a vacuum souce for several components. It normally leads to a rubber vacuum manifold which provides several vacuum lines--- they have various filters and non return valves which are shown in your third picture. the lines supply
1. the heater diaphram valves which switch air flow direction.
2. the vacuum/economy gauge in the instrument display
3. the head lamp leveling system control unit (its part of the lightswitch on the lower dash) your final picture shows the vacuum lines to the headlight units
and in some models
4. head rests or seat lumbar support

From your pictures it looks as if the previous owner has modified some of the pipework. you will just have to start at the manifold and work from there. Remember the principle of operation is that there can be no leaks or the vacuum will be lost---this loss of vacuum may effect the operation of several different units. You may have to isolate each unit to test it is holding vacuum. If I find a diagram of functions I will post it.

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