Vacum seats

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Jun 1, 2002
1992 300 SL 24V
I have read on previous threads that the seats are operated on a vacum system. Well my w129 300sl 1992 drivers seat does not push forward when I pull the silver lever on the side. There is no resistance as I pull it, would be most obliged if any one could advise me of how to fix it please.
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I know someone who may be able to help you, Stay tuned!!!
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i've  found answers to lots of questions at
i also have a 92 300 sl for around £18 you get access to online work shop manual tech info  thats addressed to all stealerships fault finding by symptom wiring diags step by step pics  have a look you should find it usefull i have <img src="" border="0" valign="absmiddle" alt=':D'>
just checked mine and i think the silver lever you mention is the back rest lock if you pull it towards the door a audiable alarm bleeps and the back rest moves forward the same way as using the buttons in the door .as far as i know all movement of seats are motorised apart from lumbar support in the backrest which were opt`/extra bags inflated by the vac pump which controls the central locking the formentioned site has a section (overview removing&amp;installing backrest lock on front seat). my drivers seat adjustments are playing up removed control from door jiggled wires and made all adjustments work
so i figure its a loose connection so ill pass it on to a auto electrician i know &nbsp;hope this helps
Thanks Kes
Like you say when you pull the lever with the door closed an alarm sounds and the seat comes forward trapping you against the steering wheel, lol. The nearside seat simply pulls forward with a pull of the lever without any electrical assitance. I will have another play around with it and see what happens.
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i'm still on it! I aint forgotten u yet!
Thanks mate
Its not a big problem just inconvienient having to enter the rear seats by the passenger side.
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that's who I was gonna ask! lol
Thanks guys I will have a look and see if I can get to the innards of the seat and check the linkage, it could be the problem.
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The (older) R129 seats are not vacuum operated (as the seats are in the W124c coupes for example), but are controled by 2 steel cables...I have renewed the cables in one of my R129 seats last year as well since I wasn't able to fold the backrest forwards.


The cushion inserts in the seats are fairly easy to remove after which you have a clear view &quot;in&quot; the seat itself and you are able to renew whatever needs to be renewed.
When you dive under the front of your seat, you will see 2 Phillips screws at the sides...take these 2 screws out and lift the front of the cushion after which the rear can be released by pulling the cushion insert forwards. Beware of the possible heating wires/ortopedic vacuum hoses that might need to be unplugged.
The backrest cushion is secured by 2 torque bolts that have to be taken out from the rear bottomside of the backrest after which the backrest cushion can be pulled out starting at the bottomside...same caution goes here for wires/hoses belonging to possible options in the seats.



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