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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by gchild, May 14, 2009.

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    They seem comprehensive - anyone used these services from the AA or RAC? Worth the money? Share your experiences...
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    Use a local specialist who knows what they are talking about instead.

    AA & RAC Inspections are done by usually retired general mechanics. They have no real specialist knowledge of the marque at hand.

    In my experience they try to cover their own backs too much instead of providing an informed opinion. (They have a 10k insurance if you were to find anything after)
    They will report any tiny little thing and in the end the list can be so long that the
    customer is totally put off the car altogether.

    They are not allowed to give opinion, only fact.

    e.g "car has large oil residue on engine under tray"... they will not say if this looks old and is a result of a spill or whether it is something to worry about.. but to most customers, it will make them run for the hills.

    e.g.2 "This vehicle has had paintwork to lower bumper, could be a result of previous accident damage".... OR it could be that the bumper had a small scuff and it was tidied up.

    I even remember once they asserted that as the washer bottle retaining screw was loose, to them this could have meant major works had been carried out on the car.

    The only circumstance in which they are useful is if you know about mechanics and you are unlikely to use them in the first place if you are!

    I have heard stories of them making 2 page lists on brand new unregistered cars.
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