Vibration at idle

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May 12, 2017
Dear All,

My 2006 W211 E320 has now done 220,000 miles and recently I have noticed vibration when the car is stationary, and seems to be coming from underneath the car. The vibration comes in selecting through P,R,N and to a lesser extent in D; at speed the vibration is not present.

I thought, bearing in mind the mileage that it would be the transmission mount, but the fault is still there after replacing with a new mount. The engine does not have great amounts of movement when revved so I am thinking that the engine mounts are still ok.

I am concerned that it could be something to do with the axle but I am guessing as I am just trying to think of any other possible causes. Any possible suggestions as to the cause of this vibration would be appreciated.

The engine mounts are the most likely culprit. They settle down, and don’t give much engine movement when revved, so this is not a good test. If your car has an engine driven fan (some do, some don’t) look to see if it’s central within the fan cowling. This can be a giveaway sign.
As said it's the engine mounts. If they have never been replaced they will be properly f'd by now.

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