Vintage Canon 35mm SLR Cameras, Lenses and Accessories - Any Interest On Here?

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Nov 13, 2008
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From the photography thread, it seems there are quite a few camera buffs on here, so before heading to Ebay I thought I'd ask if anyone on here would be interested in taking some good kit off my hands.

In 1973 I bought my Canon Ftb (35mm film SLR), which has been a fantastic camera and has travelled extensivly, it's in full working order, new battery fitted not long ago and 2 new spares. Originally fitted with a 50mm F1.8 lens (now on the AV-1) I also bought (and still have) a 135mm F3.5 telephoto. Over time, probably mid-late 1980's I added second hand from a Hastings camera shop a Canon 35-105 F3.5-33 zoom lens and a Canon 70-210 F4-22 zoom lens. I last used it in about 2005.

I also have a Canon AV-1 which I bought second hand in 2003 for our daughter to take on her gap year trip. It has the 50mm F1.8 Canon FD lens that the Ftb came with. I thought this camera was faulty, but checked it the other day and it appears to be working properly. This was only used for daughter's gap year trip first half of 2004.

I also have a power winder which fits either camera, which has been stored without batteries so the contacts are still clean, a Canon Speedlight 133D with the adapter ring to fit the FD lens and integrate it with the camera. Unfortunately I did not take the batteries out of this until a couple of days ago so the connectors are corroded and need cleaning - easy for the battery compartment cover but awkward for the bottom of the compartment! I have a new slim rotary tool and may try, it may be slim enough to reach!

Also owners manuals for both cameras and 2 copies of the Canon FD Lens instructions, and another battery flash gun.

Looking on eBay at active and sold listings all these could well sell, but as eBay fees end up at almost 15% of the sale+P&P price I'd prefer an enthusiast on here to benefit from that discount! A lesser collection recently sold for £150 so I think this lot is worth more than that!

Any interest, PM me your email address if you'd like photos.

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