vintage cars deliberately left to rot in forest

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When you read that its located in the Neander Valley near Mettmann where the first specimen of Homo neanderthalensis Neanderthal man was found, perhaps that puts a slightly different perspective on it. Since it's now becoming clear we share 99.7% of their DNA and in essence we are their descendants maybe the guy just has a rather strange sense of irony. ;) Neanderthals live on in DNA of humans | Science | The Guardian
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What a cupid stunt.
The only thing that is sad is that others need to comment about it.
The owner set this up as to mark his 50th anniversary, presumably as a display piece to show the declining cars to match his own decline.

He's a car collector, let him do what he wants with them.
Car design is art. We probably all agree about that.

Car collection is an art. We agree about that.

Forget the driving, these are as beautiful pictures of cars' sculptural form as one is likely to see. Out of usual context, this is about the lines of the cars, their mass and the detail. It makes you yearn for the "real" object.

The photographer has done a good job as has their owner and curator. A car undriven in a garage or museum is no more engaging.

I love the look - the Jaguar and the Lagonda particularly look amazing like that.
I’ve seen many car and motorcycle collections in my time, but none as unique as this. That is just brilliant, automotive art at its very best, and yes, the word is genius. As long as he gets pleasure from it, what the hell does it matter what anyone else thinks.

[/FONT] Forgot to say, thank you Sp!ke for posting, I really enjoyed reading that.


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Is it any different to a car sat inside a museum? I'm talking about the ones tucked away in small villages that you find while out for a drive. Many are sat on soft/perished tyres and haven't run for years, probably never will again. They just have shiny paint left over from the superficial resto work.

I would love to have a wonder around looking at some of these original cars and hear some of the stories! Maybe an MBclub roadtrip for the future!!!

Whats the yank with the big teeth? Thinking Buick Roadmaster! Is that how they actually are, it looks like a movie prop type thing.
If he was a man of conviction he would put a new SLS there.
What if they are ? The day he passes away they will all be sold off.

It's not about the's about the cars available in the year he was born. And, who is to say they will be sold when he dies...and so what if they are?
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