Vintage ROOST 100 watt valve guitar amplifier

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    Rare vintage ROOST 100w valve amp (head). Similar to a vintage Marshall or Sound City valve amp head, apparently using virtually identical design and circuitry. This came to me as part of a job lot of PA equipment. I’m not a guitar player, but I invited a guitar player friend to give it a whirl. He plugged it into a 2 x 12 cabinet loaded with vintage (1978) Celestion speakers and it sounded very meaty (and loud) indeed. We were both mightily impressed.

    The amp is in exceptional original condition, with virtually no marks or scuffs on it anywhere. My pal who runs the guitar and amp department in my local music store gave me a rough valuation of between £550 and £750, but he also said that the value of these amps is increasing as they become rarer. It’s of no use to me and is stored carefully in a dry environment.

    I’ll accept £350 for the amp and would encourage anyone try it before discussing a purchase – although I’d need to placate the neighbours first! It’s very heavy and I wouldn’t wish to risk it with a courier.

    I’m in Morecambe, Lancs.

    If you’re interested, I have some photos I can send. Just PM me with your e-mail address and I’ll reply with photos and my contact details.

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