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Jun 29, 2009
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I've been sent an invite to attend a "VIP" weekend at Mercedes Macclesfield. I'm sure many on here have also been sent this "excusive, by invitation only" offer, or have attended one in the past. My question is, is it worth going, with plenty of free stuff,:bannana: or, as I suspect, will it be a day of hard sell?
If thats the case I dont see the point of the invitation, they know that I've got another 2 years on the PCP and not in a position to change.
it will be a mass posting and not individually aimed at you

you will be in a demographic that they are targeting
usually these things are shyate. They use the phrase VIP to make you feel special and turn up. Then they'll try and sell you a car.

It's like flies toward those blue light thingies in the kebab shop..
Normally, unless it is the launch of a New Car, it will be their way of getting punters in to sell off their nearly new Demos and second hand cars at "special prices". :rolleyes:
Many years ago, when my father drove a Mazda, the local main dealer used to invite all his customers round for a wine and cheese evening at the showroom every year.

Admittedly, the event was about a month before the new registrations came out, but there was no hard sell, and all the managers, plus the dealer principal, made certain to circulate well and listen to (and act on) problems and complaints.

As a result, in what is admittedly a retirement town, he sold an awful lot of mazdas, on recommendation, to friends of his customers and built a fine reputation for customer care.

There are far too few main dealers like him around.

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