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Mar 5, 2011
E 220 coupe sport
Has anyone else had the invite to the events this weekend at dealers.
I heard yesterday that up to 12k may be coming off some cars.
Thinking of popping along just to have a look at whats on show.
They tend to be very cheesy, but apparently great money spinners for the dealerships - I got an invite from an Audi dealer doing the same.

Consider it a school fete at a Merc Dealer.
Yes I got them invite but not going - no plans to change any cars at the moment!
Drive the deal sent me these MB deals via email today

Deal of the Month - Save £4,000
Mercedes C220 BlueTEC Sport Saloon Auto
(new model) Just £28,860 Save 12.5%

Mercedes A180 SE 5dr £18,190 Save 12.5%
Mercedes B180 CDI ECO SE 5dr £19,795 Save 14%
Mercedes C220 BlueTEC SE 4dr Auto £27,154 Save 12.25%
Mercedes E220 BlueTEC SE Saloon Tip Auto £27,323 Save 20.5%
Mercedes E220 BlueTEC SE Estate Tip Auto £28,853 Save 20.25%
Mercedes E350 BlueTEC AMG Line Cabriolet 9G-Tronic £38,145 Save 17%
Mercedes GLA 200 CDi SE 5dr £23,721 Save 8.5%
Mercedes ML250 CDi BlueTEC SE 5dr Auto £38,932 Save 12.5%
Mercedes GL350 BlueTEC AMG Sport 5dr Tip Auto £53,471 Save 12.25%
Drive the deal sent me these MB deals via email today
With discounts of 20%+ I think we can safely say that's any hope of strong residuals for the brand down the crapper :crazy:

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