Viseeo MBU-1000 for Merc - Works with incar phone to replace Nokia


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Oct 18, 2010

I have a Viseeo MBU-1000 to replace the Nokia brick phones that sit in the cradle with old Mercs. Here is some blurb

ViseeO MBU-1000 - Upgrade your Mercedes 6150/6210/6310i Telephone Cradle System to Bluetooth

The Viseeo MBU-1000 imitates the shape of the old Nokia 6310/6210/6150 mobile phones which were used with the original Mercedes hands free system. Once inserted into the existing cradle, the MBU-1000 will be recognised as one of the Nokia phones. This means that it will fully integrate with the radio system and steering wheel controls. As the MBU-1000 is a Bluetooth adapter it is capable of storing up to 3 recently paired phones in its memory, with each phone having its own phonebook profile. When a phone is connected and in use the MBU-1000 will mute the radio system and the conversation will be conducted through the cars existing speakers and microphone.

I bought this new, never fitted it (well I put it in to test it), sold the car, so it is brand new but they don't come in a box or anything, but it has the instructions and it worked perfect the one time I tried it out, basically it allows you to hook your phone into the old stereo system and make calls and stream your music through the system.

I'd like £80 posted for it, heres an ebay ad for one which is what I paid for it.

ViseeO MBU-1000 Bluetooth for Mercedes with Nokia 6310i | eBay

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