ViseeO MBU-2000 + JETware Mobile

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Aug 30, 2008
London, UK
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Just thought I'd mention here that I finally got my XDA Orbit 2 (HTC Touch Cruise, a.k.a. Artemis) to properly download selected Outlook contact numbers onto the COMAND system via the ViseeO MBU-2000 (which I recently bought from Comand Online) with the aid of the JETware Mobile software.

I created a separate category within Outlook and labelled it as "Car" and simply associated all the contacts I wanted to sync on the COMAND with it. Then it was simply the case of de-selecting all other categories except my new "Car" category on the JETware mobile software. It only took a minute or two to sync this in rather than attempting to sync the entire Outlook contacts list (some 800+ work contacts!).

I even got my wife's Ericsson T610 contact list to sync to the system so now there no more worries about searching through each other's contacts list the COMAND, we each have our own depending on who's phone is active.
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