Vista / MacBook Pro Booting issues...

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Sep 14, 2004
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I have a most curious problem...

I got into work today, turned on my laptop and started going through my emails... (in Vista)

Suddenly, the laptop froze (which never happens)... so I held the power button for 10 seconds, restarted and now it wont boot. I get apples grey screen, followed by the "select the partition to boot from screen" and then nada... Choosing windows boots to a black screen...
Choosing osx boots fine...

So, this may seem like the windows partition go corrupt... not problem I keep backups of everything... Pop in the vista disk, boot off the Vista disk... and I get the same black screen!

Short of formatting the HD... any ideas?

(I've tried flashing the PR ram, which seemed to be apple's fix-it-all solution a while back...)


Cluster accounting failed at 40364588 (0x267ea2c): missing cluster in $Bitmap
Cluster accounting failed at 40364589 (0x267ea2d): missing cluster in $Bitmap
Totally 2049 cluster accounting mismatches.
ERROR: Filesystem check failed! Windows wasn't shutdown properly or inconsistent

While trying to make an image of that partition, I got a few errors... now, to resolve that all I need to do is run checkdisk... problem is, as I can't boot off the CD I can't run checkdisk... ideas?
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The 'free' route is to visit an AppleStore, and get a Mac Genius to rescue you.

Or, invest in either DiskWarrior or TechToolPro - which performs the same service as a Mac Genius (by rebuilding your directory).

If you buy the extended AppleCare package this includes TechTool Deluxe (junior version of TechToolPro).

I once had a similar problem as you - and was rescued by DiskWarrior.
I have both DiskWarrior and TTP somewhere in the server room... but I didn't realise that either of those could rebuild a NTFS directory...

Will look for the disk and try those... in the meantime I'm just doing a 1:1 copy of my data (just in case) to an external drive... at least worse comes to worse I'll format and reinstall over the weekend... assuming I can boot the vista disk! (which is very odd, as I can boot the OsX disk fine...)

HhhhhMmmmmmm... I have mobile suite of 30 dual booting macbooks and this has happened twice in the last 2 weeks. I wonder if we have a dodgy update. Anyway both times my techies put vista disk in and started to reload the whole OS but got to a point where it said do you want to repair, they said yes and it worked.
I dual boot on my home PC (OSX86 and Vista) - ive noticed if I just kill the PC to quickly boot into OSX it'll spazz, and I'll have to go back into vista, and shutdown properly. It seems OSX really doesn't like to run correctly when vista hasn't gone through a proper shutdown.

Like HughJarse says, stick the vista disc in, and when it's finished loading all the nonsense it needs, simply repair the Vista partition, and you should be able to boot into OSX fine.

Normally when mine spazz's, it will just disable access to the Vista disc until I do a proper shut down, however I use seperate discs, so maybe yours is playing hardball a bit more because it's a shared disc.
Got it working :D

I ended up waiting until I got home, dug up my "old" (i.e. last years) macbook pro, which also boots into Vista.

Booted the "dead" one into target mode, linked them and ran a chkdsk from vista.

Problemo sorted :D Time to get some breakfast, then update my site ;)

sorry to interupt but I have just joined and need help with my sl300 but do not know how to post a question, could you please point me in the right direction?
Select a section in the main listing (e.g. "Engine") then click on "New Thread" in the top left :)

Having just changed my PPC Mac Mini to an Intel Mac Mini, I've been experimenting with CrossOverMac Professional from Codeweavers - and loaded Office 2007 Enterprise (my wife needs Publisher for work).

For those that don't know, it means that you can run many Windows applications - but without installing the Windows OS (thus avoiding the problems encountered by others here).

Having said that, Access and Groove don't work in CrossOver - but everything else in Office runs just peachy. For such applications, I use VirtualBox (free).

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