Vito 108CDi V plate Washer jets not working, and glowplug warning light always on

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Jul 30, 2013
Rover 75
The front windscreen washer jets are not working.
There is fluid present.
There is no noise of a motor when pressing the washer switch with the ignition on.
There are two wires going to the motor: a black/purple/red wire, suspected to be the feed from the switch, and a brown wire, suspected to be the ground.
When pressing the switch, there is no 12V on either wire. And neither wire appears to be grounded. But I could be wrong.
I have located the fusebox under the passenger seat, and the fusebox under the steering column. There is no manual indicating which fuse is the washer fuse. No fuses are blown.
Can somebody please help with a list of fuses and their function.

Also the yellow glowplug warning light is always on (maybe welded contacts on a relay, but where is the relay?) and the tacho twitches but doesn't give a valid reading.

Luckily the previous owner filled in the rustholes in the floor with concrete.
Builders, don't you just love them.

Does anybody have a manual on the Vito?

Any help would be appreciated.
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