Vito 111cdi ECU/fusebox fan fault

Discussion in 'Electronics' started by Mr Meerkat, Jan 27, 2017.

  1. Mr Meerkat

    Mr Meerkat New Member

    Aug 11, 2015
    2004 van (215k miles), the ecu/fusebox fan seems to be sticking on and flattening battery, managed to find and unplug the fan. (unscrew fuseboard lift it up and on the vertical piece on left side below you will see red and brown wires twisted round each other into a plug, pull that its the power to the fan)

    Now i'm just worried about the ecu overheating when we get into summer. i assume there is some kind of relay or temp guage that is at fault causing it not to switch off? if anyone knows where that is and if its poss to change that would be great, other wise i feel its a risk of overheating/blowing up the ecu and i assume ecu replacement = expensive.

    The other way round it seems to be to either a: put a cutoff switch on the battery seems like a lot of effort or b: rewire the fan into a system that is only live with the ignition on, but i have no idea what to use...

    Any ideas? cheers

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