Vito 120 DPF/EGR removed and re-map.


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Feb 13, 2017
Vito 120
Have got to fix oil cooler leak on my Vito 120, so will have to strip inlet manifolds etc off.

Will obviously clean them, as will no doubt be choked with carbon as will be the Egr.

So now thinking all the effort it will be , should I get the egr valve removed?

Had this done on my Accord years ago by Premier tuning and after de-coke and remap was not only loads quicker but gained at least 5mpg and ran just lots better.

Have just had a world with them and they can also remove the DPF.

So has anyone had all 3 done ? -EGR blanked, DPF removed and re-map?

If so could you please tell me what it is like MPG, performance , etc and how much it was?

I have also read on that the om642 engines are more prone to oil cooler seal failure because the oil has contaminates from dpf?

Not sure if its right but another reason to get rid?

It's going to be a mare to do oil cooler so don't want to do ANY of it ever again :)



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