Vito 2002 - Leaky Rear End

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Nov 26, 2015
Mercedes Vito 112CDi
Hey guys!

Just got myself a 2002 Vito 112CDi but having some issues with water in the back. I've pulled up the old vinyl and the ply floor and the rear quarters of the ply is sodden. Where the rear light sit at the bottom are some vents, can anyone tell me what these are for as they look awfully suspect? I'm doing a camper build and don't want to put everything in for it to end up getting wet and smelly and I'll have to pull it all up again!

The seal for the boot isn't looking to chipper along the bottom. I'm going to clean off the lip, paint it and then put the seal back on, maybe with a bit of sikaflex or similar. Is it likely to be coming in from here and pooling in the bottom corners?

Nothing is rusty (from this anyway!) so can't have been there too long.

Any help and I'd be really grateful!

Haven't had a chance to look through the forum yet but I'm converting it into a camper so might stick up a build thread too, watch this space!
I would also remove the light housing and check the condition of the weather seal (if there is one) and for signs of water ingress.
I had an annoying appearance of puddles of water in my old 638, and (after a great many attempts to trace it) eventually found that it was an (almost invisible) dent in the rear quarter panel that effected the seating of the rear light cluster seal.
The gap was tiny, almost imperceptible, but the water trickled in happily.
So, as antc220 said; check those seals.
With regards to the non existent rust, perhaps have a good poke around the front of the "chassis" rails below/behind the engine.

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