Vito 639 13 plate RED paint fade

Discussion in 'Bodywork' started by cjmartin35, Nov 20, 2018.

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    Aug 1, 2016
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    Hi All, Just sent my RED 13 plate van in for a service at Metrux in Leicester, asked them to look at the paint fade while it was being carried out, this was their reply:

    MB: Yes the paint is faded but we are not taking this any further action sir
    ME: So why are the metal panels fading and the plastic panels are not fading
    MB: That is because the metal panels are not lacquered sir
    Me: So if they are not lacquered it will never stop fading
    MB: No sir, but you need to regularly polish the van to stop it fading sir

    Has anyone out there had any similar issues this their VAN/CAR and if so have you managed to get MB to do anything about it?
  2. Sam87

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    Oct 6, 2010
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    I don't think the dealership can do anything about the paint fading.
    Red colour is one of the worst for faiding but there are ways to fix this problem. A detailer can sort it out by machine polishing the van and sealing the paint. It should look good for a long time as long as you maintain it

    I've detailed some red cars in the past and when I say red they looked more like matt pink but you can bring the paint to look like new and it's quite satisfying seeing the results :)

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