Vito 639 external temp sensor

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Aug 28, 2014
South Wales
Vito 113cdi blueff
Hi all,

My van didn't come with the external temp sensor, despite it being a cheap option

Anyway was in the dealers last week and while they had its chassis no on the computer I enquired as to parts, as I've seen replacement sensors on ebay for around 20 quid.

WIS felt all I needed was the sensor, plug, and pins for the plug. All in 20ish quid.

As my chassis no was inserted before the search they feel I don't require any wiring loom upgrade, or it would have shown as required? They think it must be pre wired.

They didn't seem confident on this, but still I thought it worth the punt.

The big problem is they had no idea if, assuming the necessary wiring is there, it would be plug and play or need to go "on star" for coding.

I haven't had the chance to try and fit it yet, and I may have to remove the whole bumper/grille for access, so wondered If anyone has fitted this and will it need coding.

For the record I asked euro commercials how much it'd cost to code if needed, to be told they don't know, and I'd be charged hourly, ...really?

Still however I get it working I'll post a tutorial with prices, as I suspect all non air con vans are missing this.

any info appreciated


It will be fitted already, its in the near side bumper mount.
It will just need SCN coding or just turn it on with Star.
What do you mean, The sensor is already there? not just the wiring?

Come to think of it, I am wondering why the sensor showed up on WIS if it wasn't originally fitted.

Do you think its already all there just needing coded?

If so surely this is a cursory job only needing "activated" on star and subject to surely just a 1 hour rate?

seriously I choose my vito over a T5, thinking I could upgrade like vw owners can, and find the dealer process terrible, currently I offer money and I'm turned away!

said and done,
cheers Zenman
I wish I was closer to as a visit would prob solve lots of my quires
It just needs coding, its all fitted.
Go to another dealer as It can be upgraded just as the T5 but better!
It would take 10 mins but the problem will be at the dealers they don't use developer on star so it would have to be SCN coded.
Let me dig out the code for it.
Cheers Zenman,

you know your wasted on here Zenman, you should be running a franchise,
the bloke last week said my vans outside, whilst a similar colour, couldn't tell the difference with a sprinter!

I dont expect much, but when a range consists of 2 vans, telling them apart has got to be up there!
The code for outside temp is J65 give that code, to your dealer and as Zenman says get them to SCN code it in, then it should come up on your dash.

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I dont expect much, but when a range consists of 2 vans, telling them apart has got to be up there!

Don't forget the Citan ;)

We put our old Audi A4 estate into a garage a few years ago to have the oil pressure switch replaced. They got it mixed up with another one in on the same day and it ended up having a cam belt change and a new water pump :D

Total bill came to £42 (for the oil pressure switch we'd asked them to do) :thumb:

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