Vito alloys on a W163 ML?

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Apr 15, 2008
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I've read the sticky above, but can't find Vito spec so am unsure.

I believe the Vito alloys are ET60 fitted with 255/50/19 (they may also be w164 wheels-but I'm not sure)

Will the fit my ML?

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The old (638) and new (639) shape Vito are different, but I don't think either use ML wheels.

If you do a search on eBay for "Vito wheels" you'll get a good idea of the offsets (which may vary with rim width).

The factory alloys on mine are 17x7" with 225/55 R17 tyres, don't know the offset I'm afraid.

Check you will not need spacers as I have already tried GL alloys on my ML (off a new shape GL) and with the W164 Alloys I'm pretty sure they require them.

I'm not keen on using spacers but once I located some hum centric ones that you can fit to Ferraris etc then I was happier :)

Here is a phone pic of mine with a GL alloy, 275/50/19 just too big :)

Cheers guys.

Got the part number and they are indeed W164 alloys. Does this mean I will need spacers? I'm confused!

The tyres equate to the correct rolling radius for the W163 and Mrs JR likes them so it all looks good.

Just need to negotiate a good deal on them...
If the wheels are 19" with 255/50 tyres the RR of 368.8 mm is too big for a Vito (639 series, anyway). The RR of my Vito's factory setup is 339.6 mm.

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