Vito engine noise

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Sep 5, 2010
Hello all,

Hope some kind person can help. Yesterday when I switched on the ignition in my Vito (2011 113cdi) there was lots of clicking and the dash lights flashing on and off. Tried charging the battery but it didn't seem to be going up as it should so figured the battery was shot, replaced it and problem went away. Started fine today, went off to work no problem but then near the end of the journey (25 miles), at very slow speed I heard a noise like fingernails down a blackboard. Thought something thorny was caught up in the brakes or something. Anyway later on, driving home the noise came back, it was a kind of scratchy whining with quite a bit of variation. It seemed to be related to road speed rather than engine speed.

When I got out of the van I thought I could smell something too hot. Felt the wheels they were cool, opened the bonnet and the engine seemed hotter than I would have thought it would be at this time of year, checked and the gauge said 100 degrees, where I would have expected a little bit lower.

So I am thinking the belt and/or the tensioner might be the problem, maybe this is why the battery died, or at least it was a contributing factor if the alternator was not working correctly. Maybe the engine was hotter because the water pump was also not working correctly. Does this sound likely or am I barking up the wrong tree?

From what you describe, I'm thinking imho it's going to be the alternator (or something on the alternator drivebelt system, like a pulley bearing or belt failure).
The fact that your battery had previously failed perhaps points towards the Alternator not charging it.?
If the alternator is not rotating correctly (or a pulley bearing has failed) the driven belt riding over the non-rotating component would certainly make a lot of noise & the belt would melt & smell due to the resistance it was therefore experiencing.

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