Vito Fogging Windscreen

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Danny DeVito

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Nov 1, 2009
V220 CDI
Has anybody else experienced a foggy windscreen about a foot each side all the way up the ws ? It's very hard to see out. The blower makes it no better and the heat makes no difference. Even with all blow on the ws. Anyone got a solution ??? Thanks
Have you checked the air con drainage channels are clear? Normally high levels of fogging mean a source of water vapour somewhere in the car-- Leaking windscreen surround, saturated carpets from door seal leaks, broken door vapour barriers, broken sunroof drain channels, leaking heater matrix, blocked aircon channels even lots of snow tracked into the car. Warm air can carry more water vapour than cold so a common scenario at this time of year is for the car to sit in the sun during the day--- water inside the car evaporates into the cabin air. Later the outside air temperature falls sharply cooling the windscreen and other windows--- the water in the warm cabin air then condenses where it comes in contact with cold surface of the inside of the glass
As Graeme states, and have you also checked that you haven't got the air on re-circulate as that just makes matters worse and also check that you haven't got a blocked up pollen filter as that stiffle the effect of the blower.
Right!Thanks first The air con hose has yet to be checked. I think it's clear because normally i get the crappy smell if it blocks. No snow so thats out. Lots of rain but we only use the car a few times a week. Recirculate is not on. And i have a pollen filter to fit at some point (have it for months now) but it seems awkward to fit and i have other issues to resolve. like the bearing on the booster heater is rusted. And today the glowplug fault indicator came on. And the stat now really needs replacing. And behind the heater control knob is all broken and the only way set is to blow at the windscreen. However i feel the problem is not so much as no-blow or moisture inside but more like the air doesn't blow up at the sides. The middle all clears as soon as the heat builds up. But the sides never seem to clear and i find myself leaning to the left to try to see properly. I just wondered if any other vito owners found this.
Is yours the 638 vito, we had three of them and they were all the same with either side of the screen taking an age to clear. We just lived with this issue, the 639 seems much better.
Sorry about that, but great vans though, we had ours for about ten years with generally very few problems :thumb:
I wonder if i glue little fins onto the ws to direct air that way a bit ???

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