Vito injectors replaced twice

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Jan 16, 2023
Vito 66 plate
Hi all

I have a 66 plate Vito which had new injectors 3 years ago told cause was poor fuel quality. Had them replaced and fuel tank cleaned out £2500 later 😩
3 years on and the van starts playing up with starting. Starts when cold but takes a few ticks
But if 60*c + dosent like it. Will start but takes good few minutes.
I did have fuel low light pop up and van stopped after 10 miles with fuel still showing on gauge
After adding fuel it started again but was cold at this point
Garage saying need whole new injectors AGAIN. Not sure the mileage between injector change but guessing 20 000miles

I feel that the fuel take didn’t get cleaned but no proof
Anyone got any advise as this is crazy to be replacing again

Thanks for any guidance
I would certainly get a second opinion.
Yeah, get a report of fuel leak test and correlaition values, then if those rise a flag, get them tested properly. Also if live data during crank shows low rail pressure, test all fuel components.
Is once had a Vito that had a contaminated fuel system (owner had been using stored diesel with high water content).

All the high pressure side had rust in it. I said the only way to fix this properly, is replace all the hp side (lines, injectors, rail etc) and flush the tank. Otherwise I won't warrant the job, and it will happen again in 6 months.

He refused, took it elsewhere and then called me 6 months after it happened again, having only changed the injectors.

On your case, I would take a look at the high side line. Possibly it's got evidence of contamination still?

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