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May 11, 2003
mercedes 320te
The time has come where i need more load space in a car!
My current 1994 320TE is getting over loaded and the fuel costs are not on!!
I`v been looking at the Vito range as a replacement but cant find specs of the engine:
can anyone help me with the following:

1: Has the cdi range have the same engine as the C and E class mercs?
2: Can the power be pushed up !!( i like my cars/vans to feel quick )
3: Has anyone driven all 3 specs of the diesel range / have a favorite?

Thank you


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Aug 8, 2002
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Hi Guru, welcome to the forum.

I presume you mean the V-class rather than the Vito?

The Vito is a van, the V-class is a van derived MPV based on the Vito. I had a Vito 112CDi for three years, I was very pleased with it, drove very well, extremely powerful and handles nicely and towed superb, but it was still a van!!

The 108CDi is 80bhp, 110CDi is 110bhp and the 112CDi is 122bhp, it is basically the same engine as the C and E 220CDi. The 112CDi has Traction control and ABS as standard, it needed it!

Superchips claim they can raise the power of all three models to 150bhp so it makes you wonder if it is worth paying the extra for the 112CDi.

The 108 feels sluggish, the 112CDi felt very lively if not even overpowered.

Don't forget these are vans and although they drive almost car-like you will have to get used to lorries flashing you in when overtaking, they are big.

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