Vito:the quiet before the storm

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May 7, 2009
c320 x reg, c200k coupe evo,vito traveliner 04,08 cls 320 cdi and a couple of ford galaxies
I have noticed that on my 54 vito if i use the more expensive diesel the engine sounds less noisy. a few days ago i put in by mistake 2 litres of petrol .when i told the fuel station about it they said its such a small amount not worry about it.immediately after that i put 75 litres of diesel.( the expensive one.) the car sounded very quite and refined. since then i have put in 150 litres of the cheap diesel,and the car still very quite. is something about to blow up?
or has the petrol cleaned the injectors? i also notice if i use tesco diesel the engine management light comes on occasionally on overrun.
Any thoughts? time to sell?


Read your manual. The manual for my old 250TD had figures for acceptable percentages of diesel in petrol cars and vice versa

I don't think 2 litres of petrol will do any damage at all with 75 litres of diesel added afterwards. So long as the fuel pump was not on & pushing neat petrol into the injection system it would be well diluted when the diesel went in

Nick Froome
I know of people who'll quite happily put 5 litres of petrol in a diesel van when the temperature is regularly in minus numbers, it used to be a common thing to add petrol to stop diesel freezing but diesel is better equipped to cope with the cold these days.

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