Vito turning over but not starting

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May 31, 2022
Mercedes Vito

been using my Vito for almost a year without fault
For some strange reason a few days back when i went to start it it turns over but doesn’t start

I’ve replaced the glow plugs and checked the loom and supply to them and is good along with a strong fuel supply
Pump making usual noises that it should when turning ignition
I’ve used easy start and it doesn’t do anything
I’ve replaced cam sensor
I’ve checked and cleaned crankshaft sensor
No warning lights on dash
Battery fully charged
Not a clue what’s going on
I’ve been troubleshooting and investigating what I could

Any ideas where to go from here would be great
There are a few possible causes. W/o fault codes and / or live readings you would be guessing.

A v basic set up that 'may' find a fault code, or low fuel rail pressure, would be the Torque app on an Android. That would need an inexpensive EML327 BT transmitter.

If the CPS is u/s cleaning it won't help.
Does it fire at all? As m80 said you need to read the fault codes otherwise it's pure guesswork.

I had the crankshaft position sensor fail on mine with the same symptoms you describe.

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