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Aug 9, 2015
1999 vito v280
Hi Can anyone help with a picture or diagram of the wiring order of a Parking / neutral sensor wiring harness where the cables enter the rear of the harness plug.
spanish mechanics smashed of the plug and sensor from the gearbox whilst removing....:fail...
now left with 6 wires and no idea where they go..!!!!
Tried to muti meter whats left of switch and loose cables but getting no readings and poss 36 combinations.
If anyone could help with some pictures would help.
Located on passenger side of van rear of box just by the drive shaft wiring harness is in plastic tray following curve of the end cover on gear box...
if anyone has time to take a pic and post as been stuck in spain now for 8 days...?

this is what the new parking sensor looks like but we have 6 wires and no idea due to stupid mechanics in spain


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Sorry, I had a look but I don't have any wiring attachment on the gearbox of my Vito.
Then I realised, yours must be an Automatic of course.! :doh:

I'm sure someone else will have an Autobox, aka Bump
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