Vito V6 BRABUS Facelift Conversion plus more mods and cars

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Oct 6, 2010
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Hello everyone,

New member on this site but not new to car forums.
Even though i registered long time ago i haven't made any post until now so i guess i still count as new :D

This is going to be a LONG post!!!

I recently bought my first van [about 2 months ago or so].... I was going to buy a Vauxhall vivaro but after seeing a few that were described as mint, they turned out to be completely the opposite of that!
Now out of all people, it was my mother that suggested I looked at Mercedes vans :D . It hadn't crossed my mind about Mercedes vans even though I've only ever had German cars (few Mercedes also).
So I started looking at vitos and remembered that they also made a v6 model! Of course once I remembered that I could get a v6 van it was decided to go for a vito.
I started looking but I didn't want a vito any colour. For my business I wanted something that would stand out a bit from the rest of the vans. I wanted blue or red.
First choice was blue and I found one.
The van seemed in good condition. It drove nice and pulled very hard! The engine alone sold it to me :).
We agreed on a price and the next day I went and collected the van.

Now I wanted to make the van stand out a little bit and I mean a little bit but of course as always when you browse car/van forums you get ideas and in my case if I like something I have to go ahead and do it.
At first I thought I'd get the front end painted as the bonnet, bumper had some stone chips and there was a dent at the bottom of the tail gate and rear bumper had a scratch.
The paint was shocking! I've never seen a car with sooo many swirls, plus all the signs that it had before you could still see :rolleyes:

As I was browsing the forum I found out you could do a facelift conversion! I liked that so I thought I'd just look on eBay and see "if" i could find the parts. At this point it was a big "IF" but I found facelift headlamps and made an offer. The guy excepted the offer and there was no going back now :).

I then found the facelift wings
Ordered the wiring for the headlamps from Germany (got the link from here) thank you!
Plastic inner arches
Viano front grill
Viano front bumper.
Now as for the bumper, I wanted the bumper that has the chrome bits on the sides as I read it's quite rare to have this bumper. I also found a pic of a brabus viano that had the same bumper with the chrome bits but with a brabus front splitter blended in not like the usual brabus front bumper that have a part stuck on.... I like that but it's not what I wanted. I wanted something that is all one piece and not something just stuck on

I found the bumper that I wanted but the chrome bits that go on the side of the bumper were missing. I thought it's fine they'll probably cost something like £50..... how wrong was I!!! £175+ later from Mercedes I had 2 chrome bits that are not even real chrome but plastic! Rip off or what! Anyways I needed them so had to pay the price.

Luckily I also found the front brabus splitter that I needed, bought that too.
It wasn't an easy simple fit as you'll see from the pics but the guys at the body shop done a really good job.

As for wheels I wanted brabus wheels and I wanted 20s as I had some genuine brabus 20s few years ago for my w211 e class.... I found the same wheels that i had before but they were in a bad state. I love this style of wheels and I went ahead and bought them. I had the face of the wheels and the lip polished.... done it myself.... not a job i recommend anyone to do
I ordered 4 tyres but later I got another 2 as I wanted to try different size tyres to see which ones looked better.
Opinions wanted what you think looks best

A rear spoiler was ordered.
Side steps
Chrome mirror covers
Chrome door handles
Chrome tail gate Handel
Chrome tail gate trim
Rear bumper chrome protected
Leather trim for the steering wheel was ordered also.
Led number plate lights
Led side lights
Chrome indicator bulbs
Custom leather seat covers (waiting to arrive)
Eibach springs

Once everything was fitted the van looked a bit to high. I decided to go for eibach springs as I didn't want to ruin the ride or lower the van too much as I'm tired of very low cars. It drives beautiful now and it doesn't feel like a boat like they normally do when going around corners.

The van had no rust anywhere which is great as I'm sure you guys know how much they can rust.
It has some nice options...
Sat nav
Parking sensors front and rear
Cruise control
And for the first time ever, I love the fact that it's an auto. Always been a manual guy
If you've read all this, that's great, if not, I understand as I did write quite a bit :D

I will post some pics now, some before, during and after

Here's the van after it's first wash and how it looked when i first got it....

The paint on the van before i had it detailed

Wet and dry in some areas



This is the brabus bumper that I saw

screen shots

I also bought a private plate for the van.... my friends say, Sam when it comes to your cars, you have OCD.... everything has to be mint in your cars and even though they say it as a joke it's kind of true :D so I thought this plate will make people laugh but at the same time I probably have a bit of OCD when it comes to my cars :D

The guys at the body shop having fun fitting the lower brabus splitter :wallbash:

images upload

upload an image

Black primer was used for the front end so when in the future the van gets stone chips they wont stand out as much as if it had grey primer

pic upload

Wheels when i got them :eek:



As it's a Mercedes forum I thought you might like to see some pics of 2 of my clks but unfortunately I had to sell them both due to loosing my storage space

The dark blue one was a clk320 with 18k on the clock

The light blue one had 20k on the clock.
Quite rare to find such low mileage cars.
I've always had a thing about low mileage cars.

I only have one pic of the dark blue one in this lap top, I'll get some more pics from the other computer when I get a chance. It really was like new!
Sorry for the poor quality pic, it's the only one I have at the moment.

This is the clk230k with 20k on the clock. I went a bit crazy with the cleaning on this car too

picture upload

image uploader

I want to buy an e55k w211 but finding one that I like is not easy. I missed out on one few years ago . To this day I still get upset when I think about it as it was a designo model.... the colour was like purple/dark blue with champagne leather seats. Never seen another one like that. It only had 64k on the clock too. I wish I had bought that but had no where to park it. If another one like that comes up or someone know one like that please let me know as I'll be interested in buying it.

I think this is enough writing and pics for the first post on this site.... If you guys would like to see pic's of the other cars [not mercedes] i can post them too.... as you have seen by this thread i like posting pic's of cars
Looking forward to seeing other people's projects
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Welcome Saimir.

What a transformation. Love the wheels and cool number ;)
Great job :):D

There is a member called BIG UN who has a similar project, same colour as yours and has added many additions.
Beautiful job on the van, not a fan on the chrome, but its your van.. cars are stunning too, you have some serious OCD there, what tablets is it that you take for that lols!

Can you tell me about the Wet n'drying on the van as mine is the same but in black and can I get the livery markings off?? not a chance..
Thank you for the kind comments everyone, appreciate it!

As for the wheels..... I had the laquer stripped off and wet and dry the face and the lip of each wheel. After that I had them polished using the machine. You have to keep on top of them because there is no laquer. Every 2 weeks or so I polish them by hand. It's one of the best finishes imho but a bit of a high maintenance. If I have them lacquered they don't look as shiny.

As for wet and dry on the paint you have to be careful you don't go too hard and ruin the paint. Then I use fast cut 3m to polish the area and then a different 3m polish that give it more shine and after that i use ultrafine 3m polish to finish it off. You can get the scratches off but be prepared to spend some time to get it looking good. I've spent over 15 hours on the paint alone so far and I'm not finished yet, it's 90% finished.
Last night i got so tired writting and posting pic's i thought maybe i wont post pic's of the other cars but i might as well add them on this thread.
We all share the same passion and that is the love for cars. I personally enjoy seeing pics of other people's pride and joy. I thought I'd also post some pics of some of my other cars/toys

I hope I don't upset people with the next cars as I know how some are fanatics about the brand they like and some people love Mercedes and hate bmws but I love them both :D

This was my daily car until 2 - 3 months ago. I sold it to a friend of mine.
It was an individual model 3.0l Diesel running 300bhp... it surprised a few people! I went around Europe with my wife and on the autobhan I went off the clock. It used to pull very hard in any gear.

image sharing

The X5 was going to be the car for Europe trips only but this also had to go due to not having anywhere to park it.

The X5 had about 35k on the clock and left hand drive, perfect for trips around Europe.

Another car is a Jaguar S Type.... I bought this for my parents as a gift when I got married 2 years ago.
The car had 20k on the clock and one owner from new. No one had sat in the back seats. It still smells like new. I'll let the pics do the talking.

upload pics

Last but not least is my pride that I've had for nearly 9 years now.
This car also had 20k on the clock when I bought it and one owner. Now it has 27k on the clock.
It rarely gets used. It's done nearly 200 miles in over 2 years.

uploading images

image uploader

Thank you guys!

Cleaning the underside can take some time depending how bad the car is....... i usually get the car on the ramp, take all wheels off and spray it with viro-sol and jet wash it...... use a brush on most parts.... spray it a few times until everything is cleaned nicely..... once its all dry i see which parts need painting and then it looks like you see in the pic's...... i normally spend about 2 days doing the underside as the cars i've had haven't been rusty underneath luckily
Don't suppose I could pass this thread on a Vito by without saying a few words. The work on the van look excellent, love the detailing something I should maybe spend more time on rather then retro fitting. Its nice to see others spending time working on vans, you certainly have put a few hours into it.. keep up the good work mate. Love the Jasper blue, great colour which is the same as BTB500's Vito
Thank you very much BIG UN, really appreciate your comment!!!
I'd love to do some retro fitting to the van in the future too... I guess the list never ends, there's always something else to be done...... I always say when I buy the next car I'm going to leave it how it is....... It only stays like that for a week max :D
Mine hasn't got much left to do to it regarding retro fits as its about 90+% being "Fully Loaded" I know maybe only a few things it needs doing, to make it fully loaded but they are very expensive upgrades and to be honest they are for a Viano. good work on yours, if I could get my wheels & paint as good as yours looks then id be very happy!
Amazing cars, a real credit to their owner :)

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