Vito w447 Mercedes me issues

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Mar 17, 2023
Vito 447
Hi all

2023 W447 that had a factory Audio30 system which I got rid of and had a pioneer head unit installed at the end of September due to the total inability to adjust much with regards to brightness and sound quality being woeful of the factory unit, plus I also had a shark fin aerial installed rather than using the factory fitted units.

Since the beginning of December I am consistently losing connection to the van through the app.

I did wonder if it was something to do with the head unit swap but it was working fine with the pioneer up until a couple of weeks ago.

Basically, does anyone know if the telematics module is linked to the factory head unit in any way?

I am thinking not as it was working, and does sporadically connect, but I am getting limited vehicle connection almost daily.

I have a case open with Mercedes app support but they are not that helpful, plus I also have it booked in for a scan with the dealer beginning of January but thought I would pick brains here in the mean time!

Cheers guys!
I've sporadically had connection issues on my C Class for a while - that's completely stock with a COMAND NTG 5.5 head unit. Right now the location on the app shows the car still parked at the shops where my wife went at lunchtime. The tyre pressure screen also shows 'last updated' before she left the shops to drive back. But the lock status correctly shows last updated after she arrived back home and locked the car. I also have a case open with MB's app support and have just sent them screen shots showing the inconsistent data.
Can’t help you much on this Jason but hope you get it sorted.

I had a brief play with MM when I got the van but not much since. I’m interested to hear why it’s a valuable function to yourself? 🧐
I use it on our car a reasonable amount.

Handy to be able to check the remaining range from inside the house when it's not been driven for a while ... knowing whether to include time for a fuel stop or not. Mrs BTB sometimes forgets to lock the car so getting an alert and then being able to lock it from the phone is useful, particularly if it's locked in the garage. You can also see the tyre pressures and battery voltage, OTA software updates that are due or have been done recently, etc.

We've used it a couple of times to find our way back to the car when parked in unfamiliar places. You can flash the car lights from the app too, to help find the exact position in a large car park.

None of it is really critical but overall quite nice to have IMHO.
Can’t help you much on this Jason but hope you get it sorted.

I had a brief play with MM when I got the van but not much since. I’m interested to hear why it’s a valuable function to yourself? 🧐
Hi mate,

I sometimes use it to lock the van if I forget as it sends a notification if I get out and walk away without locking it.

And I also use it to set departure times for the pre heat function, which I have to say is the best option to have imo!

Nothing beats getting into a warm van on a cold morning!

And it is handy to check trip data, ad blue levels etc.
Slight update is anyone is interested.

Went out in the van in the morning and updated on arrival at 8.30am.

Was there a couple of hours, did the journey home, no update, few hours later went out for 15mins to pick something up, got home no update.

I knew I left the van unlocked so late in the afternoon, checked app, limited connection and showed warnings. Went through and had the lock button available so did that, it locked and updated the app.

It last updated Christmas Eve at 7am and hasn’t updated since.

It seems to me to be very coincidental that all of the problems started at the beginning of December with the vodaphone 3g shut down even though I believe my telematics unit is already 4g/lte. And I am in south west hants, about 30 minutes from Basingstoke.

I’m not up to speed with that sort of technicality so not sure if that is the case.

And merry Christmas everyone!
Having had problems with ours for a few weeks it's worked perfectly on all trips (long & short) over the last few days. As an aside I got this notification yesterday:


I couldn't spot any changes. I was last in contact with MB on Friday when they said "your case has been delegated to our specialists who are working towards a solution".
I seem to remember the app was also updated beginning of December so it could tie in with that as I suspect it would need a tweak of some sort for the 3G switch off.
I got I.40.0 (Android) on Dec 11th ... didn't seem to help. But may be different on iOS.
Interesting as strangely, it had a day of 13th underneath it but I was definitely on 1.39.0 as that was what I emailed them with my case.

Also odd it would be released on Christmas Day!

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